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gold lotus yoga

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 Golden Lotus School is a response to a need for a new kind of educational system based on a more complete understanding of the self.  Our current education system is based on the assumption that the mind is the center of our highest intelligence. However, when we live from the mind, our experience of ourselves and the world is limited to what the mind can perceive.


We believe that the heart center holds its own intelligence, much more vast than the mind. By awakening the intelligence in the heart we can access our inner wisdom, known as our intuition, our unlimited potential and the feeling of love that created and sustains us.


 Awakening the intelligence of the heart is the path of inner self empowerment, empowering the true self to come forward, bringing true confidence, a quiet joy, self love and a balanced perspective of one’s self and others.


Our intention is to create a safe and positive space to encourage each child to connect with their heart intelligence. Children will be taught to strengthen their bodies, center their mind and emotions and begin to live from the wisdom in their heart. They will bring more love and wisdom into decisions that they make for themselves, loved ones, communities, the environment and the world.