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Elizabeth Brandegee

Elizabeth has always enjoyed teaching others and received encouragement to continue in various fields. In teaching homeopathy, nutrition and natural health she largely found herself with mothers, to help them bring that information to their children and family. By treating mostly children in her practice, raising her own 2 boys and nurturing/teaching many friends’ children she found it easy to connect with their spirit, and them with her. She finds their bright openness for truth and ability to embrace information a joy to work with.

Professionally she is a graduate of the Five Elements School of Classical Homeopathy & studied further with many world-renown teachers. Other education includes aeronautics, nutrition, herbs/plants, yoga & meditation. Elizabeth is also a graduate of the Purna Yoga 200-hour teacher training. In her spare time, she enjoys nature, yoga, meditation, rocks & minerals, gardening, geography, good movies, and anything to do with leading a holistic, healthy life for herself & others. She also volunteers time to further awareness of homeopathy & other valuable information.