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Sandra Storwick

Sandra Storwick BA,  BEd (Social Studies) has had a life- long interest in innovative education and thoroughly enjoys working with children.  While working as an artist and educator in an international school in South India, she began the study of Yoga with two people who continued on to create a yoga program for the entire Indian public school system.  Since 1994, Sandra has been a student of Mirra and Aadil, the founders of Purna Yoga. She has been a full-time teacher at Yoga Centers since 1995, teaching adult and children’s classes.  She is a certified Purna Yoga Teacher at the 2000 hour level and has achieved the highest certification available through Yoga Alliance EYRT 500. She is currently a student in the unique and extraordinary Meditation Teacher Awakening program at Yoga Centers. Sandra is also a Certified Massage Therapist (graduate of the Brian Utting School in Seattle) with a special interest in Cranial Sacral Therapy. Sandra has raised two children, Odessa (Actress) and Elizabeth, who is training to become a Waldorf teacher. She has lived for extensive periods of time in Spain, England, Canada, India and Switzerland.


My dream is that children can be guided through process of growing up without losing contact with their spirit.